Modern Day Feminism is Hysterical and Not in the Funny Way

Feminism:  the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes

Hey ladies, guess what?  You can be a feminist and still maintain dignity and a little class.

By definition feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes.  It does not mean we are to be SUPERIOR to men, but that we are to be seen and treated as an equal human being.  You also don’t have to have negative views towards men to be a proud feminist.  So, why does it seem like every feminist in America at the moment is trying to take out the male population?

When our “fore mothers” marched for gender equality, the did it and achieved it without declaring every man a bad man.  They also did it without wearing a vagina on their heads or marching through out the streets with their boobs hanging out.  How do you expect anyone, let along the patriarchy of the world take you and your demands serious if you are screaming those demands while jumping up and down with your “ta ta’s” bouncing around?

If you are serious about change and feminism don’t forget to use your femininity.  Being well dressed, well spoken, and educated on what you are fighting for can go a long way. Respect comes when others see you respect yourself and take pride in who you are and what you are doing.

If we want to be treated as equals and be taken seriously in the world then we can not keep on acting like the hysterical species the patriarchy has always promoted us to be.  Marching through the streets naked and screaming only proves what has always been said about women, we are incapable of leading because we lead with emotions.

The time will come and we will elect a woman as the POTUS, maybe not in 2020, but it will happen.  I can guarantee you whomever she is won’t get there by wearing a vagina on her head an topless.

Take yourself seriously young ladies, and so will others.

And remember,  No Woman is Free Until All Women are Free.

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